Sunday, January 31, 2010

expect your days to be long and weary.

that way you'll never be disappointed.

expect each moment to provide a different perspective on life.

know that on a whim, its ok to suddenly feel whirl-winded.

but know that this too, shall pass.

In this life, we experience such an enormous spectrum of thoughts,

and it is in our reaction to said thoughts

that our moments are determined.

We all have our times,

when in a blink,

or in the tick of a clock,

our days are upside down.

We can be energetic and happy,

and just like that, there may be anger

or tears.

It's good to feel a little backwards once in awhile.

To get lost in your own box of thoughts.

I think thats how we get to understand ourselves.

I'm certainly not saying to go

banish yourself to solitary confinement

to get to know yourself...

But learn to gauge your own reactions.

Grab that metaphorical mirror,

and watch yourself go through the ups and downs.

You'll see the happy you.

The one you were the day your world was completely upright and just right.

You'll see the pretending-to-be-happy you.

The one you are when you have the energy to put on a happy face.

And you'll see the broken you.

The one you are when things are just upside down.

Each one of these people represents your character,

and each one is a part of you.

Each one is our reaction to our own thoughts,

in our own perspective.

Expect your days to be long and weary.

Expect the pain to be the most excrutiating thing you can imagine.

Expect it to last forever.

Then know it is a blessing when it doesn't.

Our lives are all in our own perspective.

If we can see it all in a blessed light,

then our bad days are only half bad,

because we have faith to share our burden.

And even better, our good days

are filled with extra joy,

because we have love right there with us.

prepare for the worst, but hope for the best

always have faith
in what is meant to be.

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