Wednesday, February 3, 2010

be secure

its the little things during our days that give us comfort.

could be a pillow.
or a picture.
or a cup of tea.
or a security system.
There are a lot or things during our days that also make us uneasy.
bad weather.
a sore throat.
the news in general.
or just a feeling.
Throughout our daily existences, we go through these experiences in brief moments, for if we were to take a second to slow down and see them for what they are, our simple comforts may become less secure, and our small worries may overwhelm us.
This week has been a blessing.
Oh, it has already had its share of obstacles.
But nonetheless, it has been a gift.
And it's only Wednesday.
But I know, if I've made it
this far, through the ups and the downs,
I've already succeeded.
This week.
The beauty of our hard times, is that someday, even if it is just for a split second, things get better.
And then when that split second comes, we feel it, and all of a sudden, we can accomplish
All because of hard times.
Without hard times, we'll never know how it feels to have good times.
And there will always be a consciousness of how much it may hurt to fall.
After this week, thus far, this blessing, I know it'll hurt to struggle and be angry and frustrated and confused and upset all at the same time.
But I learned how good it feels to work through it, and find faith, and in the end, despite how much it hurts to fall, it feels great to stand up again.
Stay strong and keep faith.
Everything else will follow.

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