Monday, January 25, 2010

about learning.

You've made me into who I've become.
Into the person that can stand before you with a smile.
You've taught me self-control.
To act upon diplomacy, not on instinct.
To buy with faith, not with money.
Open my eyes to all they can see.
Not merely to the focus and peripheral.
To move with the music.
Sing with the melody.
To drink to the future.
And to swallow the past.
Believe in dreams and fairytales.
But to be realistic in plans and decisions.
Say what I mean, and mean what I say.
And to not regret an ounce of experience.
To live upon ambition, on hope and on love.
To breathe the scent of compassion and of fear.
Learn to see others for who they are, not for who they aspire to be.
And to feel as if I would have no opportunity to feel that way again.
And to hear the sweet song of humanity.
To drown out the sounds of corruption.
And to love.
To love like you have only one more day.
But to make that one day
last forever.

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