Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valuable investments

Today, I bought 2 books. I went out to run errands, to go drop things off. Not pick things up. Anyway, I ended up meandering into a local bookstore, and I bought 2 books.
I've got to tell you, I kinda felt bad. Aside from the necessities, this has been the first purchase I've made for myself since I've been married. Girls, you never think about it before, but once you get married, everything really is "ours". No, really, I mean EVERYTHING. Every hanger. Every piece of old lunchmeat that doesn't get eaten. Every pillow, and newspaper, and everything else in between. And thats an adjustment. I can share though. That's not problem. But then it comes to money, and thats where my comfort level falls apart.
I mean, I've always tried to be independent. Always (after an appropriate age) paid my own bills, bought my own clothes, and worked to do all of that.
and thennnnn.......
I got married and moved 450 miles away from that life.
And now, I share, and even moreso, I depend. And thats just weird.
So everyone is like, "What's the big deal? You bought 2 books?"
I didn't buy those books.
He did.
His hardwork and his paycheck.
And thats where things go gray. Its tough, to adjust. To stop "having to have" a new shirt every time you go out, or to buy something everytime you go to the mall. Its hard, believe me. Because the thing is, before marriage, if the money was there, you could spend it as you please. After marriage, even if the money is there, its not your money. Its our money. And you spend it as we please.
Nonetheless, today, I lost that battle. But now, I'm making sense of it. I spent a sliver of our money, but in order to continue our happy marriage, I have to be sane. I still have to do things that make me happy in order to make him happy in order to keep us happy. So today, I bought 2 books, and today I made a valuable investment in our happiness.
A super smart woman once told me
"you can't make someone else happy unless
you're happy with yourself."
Thats true, and thanks Mom.
The moral of all of this is this:
While Romeo is gone, or even while he's here,
do something for you.
Ladies, this doesn't mean go blow this month's rent
on a pair of shoes.
This means see a movie with a girlfriend.
Or buy some new underwear (he'll appreciate it.)
Or take a drive to the beach.
Or go get your nails done.
Or even....
Go buy 2 books.
Do it for you.
Do it for him.
Do it for we.
These valuable investments pay off when we is happy. Believe me.

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