Friday, February 26, 2010


Not to be rude,
but Mother Nature is a wench.
Thanks for ruining my life.(and thank you Renee for letting me borrow your picture!)
To Thelma and Louise,
Things may have worked out this way because rumor has it,
the weather is supposed to be kind of chilly this weekend,
so if you wait and come down in a few weeks,
I may be able to arrange some 70-degree sunshine to meet up with you.
Smile, and don't worry,
we'll all find our smiles soon.
Love you all.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

and in addition...

So, coincidentally as it may seem, as I published the last blog, the phone rang and to my delightful surprise, it was that lovely Romeo. It makes my day to be able to talk to him. I mean to be honest, even when he was here, it would make my day when he would come home from work, so now, the equivalent, is hearing his voice.

Romeo isn't having a great time in that quake-ridden land. He's not too happy of a Soldier right now. Which, as I am sure we can all sympathize, is partly due to the fact that as the days go on, and other companies continue to make their way back home, Romeo and his unit remain unmoving. Think about being on a plane and landing at the airport. As you get off, everyone is greeting their families and heading on to their destinations. You're looking around and waiting for your friends or family, but as everyone else begins to dissipate into the crowd, you're just waiting. And waiting. And looking around. And waiting. With no sign or inclination as to when your group will be there to bring you home. Welcome to Haiti.

Anyway, on top of the impatience, and the frustration of limited missions, and maximum down(boredom)-time, now, Romeo isn't even going to recieve the letters or packages or anything else that was en route to bring a smile to that handsome face of his. I must say, I'm going to take the blame on that one. I had a package ready and assembled, but just kept getting side-tracked on my way to the post office. Once I finally got there, the very grumpy mailwoman informed me that I should not expect the package to be recieved in any less than 30 days due to the back-up of postal items on their way to the island. Bad news to the ears of the girl who just made cookies and bought some semi-perishable items to send, in hopes of making someone's day a bit better. So I had to take all of the food-like items out of the package. Now, I have this half-filled box of stuff to be sent South, but now I'm not even sure it's worth sending if its going to take more than 30 days. Honestly, I was kind of hoping to have Romeo back here before then?

Needless to say, I'm winning the World's-Worst-Wife award for missing the ball on sending things to my deprived Soldier. Fail.

So what do we do? When we've got miserable, cranky, dirty, smelly Soldiers and can't even think of any more words to say to make them feel better? Letting them vent is great and all, but isn't that more frustrating when after they're all done their rant, there isn't anything you can say to make it better? I don't know how many more times I can say
"You'll be home soon."
before even I get sick of hearing it as an excuse? Because after awhile, it doesn't work as a bandaid anymore. It doesn't do anything to help the hurt or frustration or anything else. So what is left? I can pray and tell him to pray and ask others to pray all I want, but as for that moment, the moment where the anger and animosity in his voice is too much, what do we do? How do I make that go away? Even worse is as I am frustrated with myself for not being able to do anything about it, I'm frustrated for Romeo because there isn't anything he can do either! And at least as I am frustrated, I'm frustrated with hot showers and clean clothes and food that doesn't come in brown plastic sacks. Romeo is stuck being miserable and frustrated in a place without sufficient running water, let alone HOT running water, the place where undershirts and socks go days being worn without being washed. And that place where a cot, inside a tent, on top of sandy ground is "home".
So... here we are. Still frustrated. Still stuck between a rock and a hard place with nothing to do but wait. You know, love is about the knowing that someone, no matter the circumstances, will always have your back. I know, no matter what, that Romeo would do anything for me. I can't help but fear that even just for a second, he's questioned that in me. I really would do anything, but how do I do anything when I can't figure out the anything to do? If I could find the words or a hint at what to do to make things better, believe me, I'd do it in a heartbeat. It's just that right now, I am so helpless in my quest to be helpful. And that, is a terrible feeling.

my team

So as the days pass, I've been accumulating a list of things that are becoming more and more frustrating without Romeo around.
The list is growing ever so quickly nowadays that I have begun household projects.
So, here goes.
Spaghetti sauce jars. My family witnessed this mayhem live via webcam. Oh, its ugly.
Caly's early morning bathroom trips... It was much easier to roll over and say
"Its your turn, I did it yesterday"
Than it is to have to do it regardless.
Grocery shopping.
When Romeo was around, the house was stocked because God forbid it wasn't...
Now, I'm lucky if there is even bread or milk at all.
And not because I can't go get it or anything, but I can do without...
So why buy it?
I call this the "Deployment Diet Plan"
Taking the trash out.
I don't mean from the kitchen the the outside can.
I mean getting all dressed up for work in the morning, warming up the car
then realizing it is trash day and having to drag the cans
to the end of the driveway in 4-inch stilleto heels.
Warming the car up. Enough said.
Morning breath.
I've got to say, anything is better than Caly's.
Pumping flipping gas.
That was in the marriage contract.
I'm not supposed to be doing things like that.
I'm from Jersey!
Having pretty days.
Now girls, honestly, lets not lie here...
How frustrating is it to be having a really pretty day,
and no one around to notice?
Now I know that a day will come that I will kick myself for saying that this is frustrating,
Without hearing someone screaming at their Xbox, or singing to their rubber duckies in the tub,
the days are far too quiet and un-entertaining.
Where is the fun in driving if you can't argue over the radio station?
By far, the worst everrrrr is at night,
when your feet are cold...
there are no other legs or feet to hide them under to warm them up.
Just cruel.
There is no excuse to eat Fritos and Ranch chip dip at 10 pm.
Please come back soon.
Most of all,
when it has just been one of those days.
or its rainy outside.
or sunny outside.
or for just no reason at all,
when all you want is the biggest hug in the world,
you settle for a pillow.
The list grows daily, but for now, these are the ones that stick out.
Funny how those silly little things become so big when theres no one to share them with.
Just further proves
life is a team sport.

Monday, February 22, 2010

the calling

So yesterday, sitting in church, discussion arose regarding some of the Big-Man-Upstairs' blessings. Someway or another, we've all been blessed at some point.
I mean, we're alive, so there begins blessing numero uno.
We all wake up every day (hopefully?) and fall asleep at some point during the night.
We somehow manage to be clothed in public (also hopefully.) and we grab a bite to eat every now and again.
All made possible by The Holy One.
So what else are we blessed with?
The abilty to stand upright
(and not drag knuckles (hopefully))
The earth
Our homes
There are quite a few more, but my time to blog at work is just so limited.
And talent.
Yep, thats right. Each and every one of us has a talent. Or a gift. Something special that we were blessed with, that we are especially skilled.
Could be writing. Reading. Speaking. Could be drawing. Or could be a character trait that is particularly prominent in ourselves. Compassion. Humor. Warmth. You may be the best hop-scotcher in the world. Maybe you bake the best pineapple-upside down cake EVER. Or you give really great hugs. Maybe you're a born-educator. Or a learner. Maybe you have a lot of natural wisdom, or just a gracious amount of common sense. Maybe you're a singer, or a member of the Olympic bobsled team. Whatever it is, its yours and you're really good at it.
But what if you haven't found it yet? Who knows what we're really good at? It could be something so simple. You may just have a really great smile, and you don't even know it. Nonetheless, God gave it to you.
Now, back on track with the blessings here. So if we are all lucky enough to be blessed with a different talent, in theory, doesn't that make us, as a whole, a really talented group of people? I mean just saying, but if we were all kind enough to share our little sliver of awesome-ness, doesn't that mean we'd always have the most skilled craftsman (or woman) of something there to help us out? Isn't that a little reassuring? Knowing that you have the best of something helping you with your something that you aren't the best at? Think about it.
The challenge during the discussion at church yesterday was this:
Find your talent, and use it to benefit the Kingdom or God.
Because if your talent goes untapped, and is eventually wasted,
then we are robbing the Kingdom of what would've been
the best of something.
If your talent remains hidden, and in the shadows of the things we're all just okay at, we're robbing the world of what could-have-been.
So I'm going to pass this challenge to you.
What is your blessing?
What is the gift that God gave you?
And once you figure it out,
What now?
How will you use it?
Now, lets parallel this to our everyday. Army wives, this one is headed your way. We spend our time supporting. And lets face it, as a whole, we're all really good at that. But if we could all contribute our slice of greatness towards the whole, wouldn't that make us all completely great? Say if one of us is really great at organizing, and then one if us is a really great baker, and then another one of us is an awesome speaker, and another one is a talented writer, and someone else is has really great methods of persuasion. Before you know it, a charity event to raise money for our Soldiers was not only just organized, but funded by donations, advertised and complete with baked goods to boot. If we could all just contribute our talent, "us" as a whole would be able to accomplish anything.
So on the parallel, here is my challenge to you:
Go out of your way to share your talent.
Just stand up, offer your resource, and encourage others to do the same.
Before long, anything you can put your minds and TALENTS to will be yours.
For everyone else.
Find your talent.
And hey, if you already have yours, feel free to let someone know whats theirs may be.
Because I know if anyone else is like me, you have nooo idea what your gift might be.
So find your talent and then share it.
Do something to benefit the world around you.
Don't let such a precious blessing go to waste because you were to scared or too blind to share it.
And be thankful for it, because Someone thought you were important enough to hold such an important treasure.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I believe... in inspiration

(this post was inspired a the wonderful, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, lovely woman who you can learn a bit more about here. )
I believe..... in inspiration.
I believe that no matter where you are, there is something worth thinking about.
I believe that great days are like God's way of metaphorically sending you flowers. Sometimes not metaphorically either.
I believe bad days are God's way of making us appreciate the good ones.
I believe that music is the parallel to dreaming. Where else can we verbalize the nonsense of our thoughts so clearly?
I believe that a long run in the rain is the fastest way to gain perspective. There really isn't time for details when you're soaking wet and out of breath.
Junk food is the key to euphoria. Also to nausea.
I believe a day in the company of people who are truly good, will cause you to spend a little more time in front of the mirror.
Grandparents are human story books. Read them as often as possible, each time you'll find a new detail to admire.
Clean sheets and a rainy Saturday are the cure to any wrong.
I believe that new places, old towns or hidden trails are Fate's way of turning us all into explorers.
In conversation, when all of a sudden you feel that urge to interject with opinion, stop. Resist the urge, and just listen. We don't learn anything from hearing ourselves talk. Just listen.
I believe that parents really do have the toughest job on earth. Especially because it takes us kids so long to realize that.
I believe that the Bible answers all questions. Not the entire Book, just Matthew 19:26
(with God, all things are possible.)
I believe that the smell of coffee far out-ranks the actual taste.
I believe in Frank Sinatra, and that "....the best is yet to come."
I believe in Disney movies.
in heartache.
in what it feels like to truly miss someone.
I believe in those moments, the ones that define us. The ones you replay over and over in your head.
I believe in forgiveness, but not regret.
I believe that garden strawberries in July are God's favorite food too.
I believe that the sound of a baby laughing can turn even the worst of days into better ones.
I believe that dance parties are necessary to daily routine.
I believe that stick figures do count as art.
I believe that love is the gateway to all things. Anything you were ever scared to do alone becomes possible because you have a hand to hold.
I believe in trust, because...
"The truth is, everybody is going to hurt you.
You just gotta find the ones who
are worth suffering for."
-Bob Marley
Most of all, I believe in one love. True love.
Our love.
I believe in all of these as inspiration and guidance.
And I believe in being thankful for it all. Everyday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

everyone's someone

someone told me that everyone has their someone. just that someone that no matter what, it always leads back to them.
I believe that.
I believe that somewhere on our paths, is that person.
and sometimes, our paths take us away from them,
but no matter what,
when it comes down to it,
its always back to them.
and that is how we know what is meant to be.
sometimes, we're blessed enough to have someones. not necessarily the someone, but just someones. someone to laugh with. someone to call to cry. someone to get all your good jokes from. someone to confide in. someone to share recipes with. someone to find favorite music with. and each one of those someones are a blessing.
so today is love day.
that day to have a special someone.
and of course, thats an amazing experience.
but it is also a day to appreciate all of your other someones too.
so thank them.
and let them know how much they mean to you,
and how much their someone-isms.
love day is a designated 24-hours to be extra-nice and sweet and romantic. and it's refreshing. but at the same time, why do we need an excuse to spread extra love? if we give enough love on a regular basis, why do we need a designated holiday?
separated in love day is not fun,
but at the same time, i'd rather have him be a million miles away
then not have him at all.
today is just another Sunday,
and another day to be thankful for our blessings.
and I am thankful for all of my someones
but especially thankful for my one someone.
even if he is a million miles away.
"Love give me strength, and strength will help me through."
-W. Shakespeare
Romeo & Juliet

Thursday, February 11, 2010

beautiful things

Romeo called last night to tell me about his day. He was so excited, and I could hear it in his voice. It's always adorable when he gets like that... he turns into a 5 year old who just got his first hit at a t-ball game. It really is cute.
Anyway, the boys and he have become a bit more productive with their time. Down the road a few miles, they venture to a local orphanage. Dozens of children of all ages are reside there, and are BEYOND excited when the soldiers come to visit. They play soccer and run around spend time with these children who now not only don't have families, but now also don't have a country or government to support them.
Romeo says that the children, especially his new friend Melvin, just make all of the stress of being there worth it. They don't pester the men for water. They don't curse them off or make inappropriate gestures when there just isn't food to give. They hug and scream with excitement and run and play. These children, who are far more worse off than many of the other Haitians, seem uneffected by what is going on, and hold on to the pure joy of waking up to a new day.
What a blessing. To see happiness despite the destruction and struggle.
The way to make these childrens' day the best one yet? Bring candy. Bring anything. Just visit. If we all learned to live our lives to appreciate the simplicity of things, we could never be unhappy.
Terrible things happen every day, but miracles do too.
Deal with the bad, but live for the good.
So today, Romeo is fixing a basketball net. Simple as that. But by doing so, he'll make some number of orphaned children very happy. Isn't that what it all comes down to?
We live our lives so concerned with succeeding.
These children are living their lives so content.
We worry. They just live.
For me, now knowing that Romeo is doing something that he really loves, I am inspired. I'm inspired to be more like that, and to learn from the example of children. It isn't often in our busy-body society that we stop to appreciate gestures. I'm going to do that from now on.
"While we try to teach our children about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about."
-A. Schwindt

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

just enough nonsense finally.

So tonight, amidst my newly-routine nocturnal cleaning, as I reorganized the closet, I found Romeo's wedding band.
Not ouch because he isn't wearing it, or because it's here and he's there, but because I stay up and clean so that I don't lay in bed and think. And now, even while I'm cleaning, I can't avoid thinking because there is a small jewelers box staring at me from across the room.
So now I'm thinking, and as per an earlier conversation with Romeo, I'm thinking about all the coincidences (or God-things) that happen to lead up to a fairy tale. Now, as a newlywed, I know I'm probably extra sappy about these things, but I believe in everyone's Cinderella story. And as I have been abruptly reminded by that little wedding band, I also believe in all of the little meant-to-be's that lead up to our big meant-to-be.
Throughout our lives, people walk in and out. Some linger a little longer, and some may leave deep footprints on our hearts. But each and every one of them are a stone that lines the path to where, or to whom, we're headed. We learn with each interaction, whether friendly or not, that of which details are going to point us in the direction we need to go.
Some people are lucky enough to find their own puzzle-piece from day one. The high-school sweethearts, or the childhood best friends. Those pairings are so rare, but so pure and beautiful. The rest of us need a little more time to find our own Prince (or Princess) in shining armour. And before we get to that point, I think all of us can agree that we need to meet a few frogs first. But as it seems, it's those frogs that force us to learn our own selves. We learn what we're compatible with, or what really makes us happy versus what we thought would make us happy.
Then one day, it just happens. In my case, it was when I least expected it. Romeo came out of nowhere, and just like that, I just knew God made him for me. He was the absolute, and I mean ABSOLUTE opposite of anything I would've guessed I'd be so in love with. He wasn't me in guy-form, like I was used to. He was the puzzle-piece that lifted up my every fault and completed my every dream. He was made for me, and as dramatic and theatrical as it may seem, it was then that I knew I was made for him, too.
Romeo and I are so very blessed, but that's certainly not to say that we haven't worked hard to ensure our relationship endured our trials. Some so petty, as to be just enough nonsense, and some so challenging, like an entire ocean. Nonetheless, God blessed us with the strength to endure it all, and that, is not one of those coincidences. That's part of the meant-to-be. All of those past frogs may have been a glimpse in our lives for a reason, but they also didn't remain in the picture because in the end, it wasn't part of where our coincidences were headed.
Meant-to-be love is like the world. It never stops. It will never halt growth or change. But no matter what, as long as it remains God's will, it will never cease to exist. It's always there, sometimes it just takes a few more God-things to find out exactly where, or who, it may be leading us to.

Monday, February 8, 2010


As any military family must learn quickly, we never stay in one place too long. If we're lucky,(or in some cases, really unlucky) we may be at a station 4 or 5 years max. Sometimes, we may only be in a place for a few months to a year. Either way, you must adjust quickly to the idea of shallow roots.
With the constant moving around, comes the pros and cons. As military families, we are very blessed.
Some families never leave their hometowns.
We get to experience all different homes with all different cultures throughout the country, sometimes the world.
New faces, new friends, new far-away families.
Each and every place we go brings a whole new wealth of experiences.
We move as a family unit.
Whether its just the two of us, or there are 5 or 6 along for the ride,
we move together, and with that, we grow together.
Something you don't like about your home?
Its okay! You'll start over with a new one in a few years!
There are plenty of ways to maintain a positive outlook about moving around. As long as we stay optimistic, and view it all as an exciting new adventure, the stress won't weigh us down. But we also need to remain realistic, and note the possible issues that arise from being a constant rolling stone.
Our extended families typically remain in one place.
Being away from them, though hard, can be made easier by means of effective communication.
Phone calls, greeting cards, SKYPE, are all wonderful.
Sometimes there is a feeling of living out of a suitcase CONSTANTLY.
Make sure when you get to a new place, do little things to make it your own for awhile.
You don't have to remodel, but hang pictures or plant a garden.
Sadly, it is often that our friendships are temporary.
One person or the other is always leaving eventually.
Do your best to keep in touch.
You never know when you may run in to an old friend.
Packing and unpacking.
Need I say more?
Keep important things, but try not to accumulate too much.
And take transfers for exactly what they are worth.... Clean out!
New places mean new worries.
There isn't anything worse than pulling into your new community and not knowing where you are.
Take an opportunity, family in tow, to explore and learn your new area.
Find the police station, the post office, the library, a local park, the closest grocery store, a church, schools, and ALL important places on post.
Important places on base include:
The hospital, doctor's offices, the Commissary, any AAFES location, the finance office, your sponsor's unit location, CYSS (if you have children), DEERS ID office, among MANY others.
Mailing address changes... EEK!
What a pain... but there are ways to make it easier on yourself.
If you are lucky enough to have your next address before you leave your current one, do yourself a favor and submit a "change of address" to your local post office. This will help ease your worries if you think your sensitive documents may be sent to your old home by mistake.
Also, keep a list of all credit cards, bank accounts, subscriptions, memberships or other bills. This will make your life sooooo much easier when it comes time to start making the phone calls to submit your new address. You won't need to worry about what you may have forgotten.
These are just a few circumstances that arise when you live the life of an Army wife. But despite all of the moving around and shallow roots, there isn't any reason not to participate in your current community. Why should you miss out on being involved? And why should your community miss out on your contributions? I'm not saying go run for Mayor or anything, I mean I guess you could....
become involved in a church,
coach a little-league team,
join a book club,
sign your children up for the local play production,
take a dance class,
go to neighborhood watch meetings
meet some friends, maybe have a play date or a girls night out
plan a benefit, or a charity drive
go to a local municipal meeting
There are a ton of things you can do in your community that don't require a binding commitment. Most military communities EXPECT members to come and go. Becoming involved is a way to give your family a normal experience. Closing yourselves off from others will not only make you all miserable, but what would you be doing to leave an impact?
Our soldiers' job is to help and make a difference. Our job, as families, it to follow that example. As difficult as it may be to up and leave and start over again, God blesses us with a whole new community to make a difference in, and all new lives to touch. Don't pass up the opportunity.
"Lives of great people all remind us that we can make our own lives sublime.
And, departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sunday, February 7, 2010

nightdreams and daymares

i want to wake up and find it all has been a bad dream.
hear the alarm in the morning,
and wake up to find him next to me.

but then there's reality.
and when the fog of dreamland finally clears,
and i realize i'm still by myself,
i know that chances are
Romeo is out there somewhere...
wishing the same exact thing.

so each time I lay my head to rest,
I pray that God can bless us both with a bit of a fairy tale
for our dreams, that is.
because the pain of facing reality in the daylight
is so worth the glimpse of our love story during the night.

Friday, February 5, 2010


so Romeo and I keep journals to eachother.

rather, I keep a journal to Romeo.

before he left, he told me to write down how I felt while he was gone, and then when he got back, he could read what I wrote and know what I went through while he wasn't here.

needless to say, Romeo's journal is slowly filling the larger half of a notebook,

and he's only been gone 2 weeks.

it has been wonderful, because every time during the day that he and I would normally have a conversation exchange, I write.

I write how my day is going,

how Caly is,

how I feel at any particular moment,

and my thoughts.

Most importantly though, I write about him.

I write about what I think he could possibly be adventuring out to do.

About what he may be thinking,

or maybe how he's feeling.

I write about how much I care,

and how proud of him I am.

Sometimes I write how frustrated I am,

or how I wish he was just here for a hug.

I write when something is funny that I think he'll appreciate.

I write when I cry about missing him.

I write when I lay in bed at night and think about him.

I write when I wake up from a dream.

All those times when I would normally talk to him, and even some of the times that I wouldn't, I write to him.

Obviously, this is why my notebook to him is nearly full after 2 weeks.


this is my therapy.

I've come to the conclusion that everyone needs their own outlet. Some people clean. Some write. Some bake. Some draw. Some run. Some read. Some drink. Some pray. Some scream. Some eat. Some just breathe.

I have a lot of outlets.

The best therapy for me has been writing, though. Words somehow seem to organize my thoughts. Even when I can't figure out exactly how I feel, I start to write, and somehow it all works itself out. Thank you, God, for that. Otherwise, I would be certainly a mess.

I believe that when life is throwing curve balls, you have to take a second to watch. Not necessarily watch the ball fly by, but watch it before it's time to swing. Life happens fast, yes, but a brief moment in time to connect your actions with your thoughts is what we all need once in awhile. We all know how it feels to live a day on autopilot. You wake up, go about your normal routine, do the things you need to do, then go to bed without ever taking a chance to think about your life that day. If we all took a half-hour, or 10 minutes, or even 30 seconds to stop and analyze a moment, we wouldn't ever reach a breaking point. How often do we really take the opportunity to count our blessings? Or think about how it feels to live our own lives? Maybe to realize how far we've come or how much we've grown? Or maybe just to take a second to appreciate love? The love we give... The love we receive... It all becomes clear when we just take a moment to slow down and give our mind a chance to catch up with our body.

Our lives happen everyday, so quickly.
I think if we don't take the chance to be an audience to our own existence,
who will?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

believing in what you fight for.

So everyone has their own pet-peeves. Some are a little more ridiculous than others. I'll admit, I have a few silly ones of my own...

Poor grammar. It's like nails on a chalkboard.
Pants that are too short.
Chewing with the mouth open.
Crooked bumper stickers. If its going to be on there forever... It better be straight.
Dirty fingernails. Ew.
Coffee breath. Hello... Gum, anyone?
Scattered papers. Stack them neatly!
Ok, so I admit, I have my compulsions, but there are a few things that I feel strongly about, that I don't think anyone can argue. (I mean, I'm sure someone can, but seriously?)
This morning on the radio, on my way to work, the discussion was about a particular NC Councilman, (cough Ed Robinson cough look him up cough), who is calling for the US Justice Department to investigate a police-officer-involved shooting. The details of this shooting are as follows:
Antoine James (suspect) was shot 3 times by Florence County Officer Alex Ussery. James alledgedly attempted to run the officer over during a vehicle stop. Ussery's report states that he stopped James' vehicle after witnessing his vehicle street racing another vehicle. As Officer Ussery approached the vehicle, James began to drive the vehicle toward the Officer. Officer Ussery then shot James 3 times. James was injured and admitted to a local hospital where he was treated, released, then released from police custody on bail.
Mhmm. So now, not only is this attempted killer out on bail, but Councilman Robinson is fighting to "uphold justice for the suspect." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the elected representatives in our great nation.
So in the car this morning, I was listening to people call in and voice their opinions, which everyone is entitled to, obviously. So here is mine.
Our Police Officers, Firefighters, Medical Teams, and Soldiers
Not one of the above listed heroes gets their own life.
They spend their days protecting, saving and sacrificing for the American People,
and yet,
there are still cowardly, selfish, irresponsible fools out in America
who try to take the lives of these heroes.
And even worse than that, is there are representatives in this country who
I support Officer Ussery. I support every Officer who has ever felt threatened enough to need to pull their weapon, let alone, need to use it.
These HEROES give EVERYTHING for us.
Its our turn to give something back.
As for our Soldiers, our Firefighters, and every other HERO out there...
If you can't stand behind them and give your support,
Try doing their job or living their life for ONE DAY.
These men and women all have special places in heaven waiting for them.
God sees the good in them and their sacrifices,
and regardless of what happens here,
it all comes down to His judgement.
Live your life THANKFUL knowing that you can sleep soundly at night. Knowing that you can speak words that you want to say.
To Officer Ussery, and EVERY OTHER HERO,
Know that you have a whole nation behind you. Know that even if some politician wants to question your judgement, the rest of us don't.
PS-In case anyone is interested, here is the link to the news release:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

be secure

its the little things during our days that give us comfort.

could be a pillow.
or a picture.
or a cup of tea.
or a security system.
There are a lot or things during our days that also make us uneasy.
bad weather.
a sore throat.
the news in general.
or just a feeling.
Throughout our daily existences, we go through these experiences in brief moments, for if we were to take a second to slow down and see them for what they are, our simple comforts may become less secure, and our small worries may overwhelm us.
This week has been a blessing.
Oh, it has already had its share of obstacles.
But nonetheless, it has been a gift.
And it's only Wednesday.
But I know, if I've made it
this far, through the ups and the downs,
I've already succeeded.
This week.
The beauty of our hard times, is that someday, even if it is just for a split second, things get better.
And then when that split second comes, we feel it, and all of a sudden, we can accomplish
All because of hard times.
Without hard times, we'll never know how it feels to have good times.
And there will always be a consciousness of how much it may hurt to fall.
After this week, thus far, this blessing, I know it'll hurt to struggle and be angry and frustrated and confused and upset all at the same time.
But I learned how good it feels to work through it, and find faith, and in the end, despite how much it hurts to fall, it feels great to stand up again.
Stay strong and keep faith.
Everything else will follow.