Saturday, January 30, 2010

thank god.

18 years ago today, a little human was born.

He was small, and sleepy.

He cried a lot, and threw up a lot more.

He was kind of goofy looking at first, but he's grown up a lot now.

And now, he's 18.

And remarkable.

He's not funny, he's can't-stop-yourself-from-laughing hilarious.

He's an artist in his thoughts and creativity.

He does what is right, even if his brother or sister threatens his life.

He cares.

Even though he won't admit it, he'll cry at his sister's wedding.

He's handsome and charming.

And he's someone I am so proud to call my family.

Kev, even though I wanted a you to be a girl, I thank God because he didn't just give me a brother.

He gave me a friend.

And a confidante.

And a partner in conspiring against Kyle, or Mom and Dad.

And someone to throw the baseball around with.

And someone to eat everything I bake.

And someone to bring such sunshine and joy into everyone's life.

Here's to you HappyJack.

I love you, Kev.

Happy 18th Birthday!