Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I believe... in inspiration

(this post was inspired a the wonderful, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, lovely woman who you can learn a bit more about here. )
I believe..... in inspiration.
I believe that no matter where you are, there is something worth thinking about.
I believe that great days are like God's way of metaphorically sending you flowers. Sometimes not metaphorically either.
I believe bad days are God's way of making us appreciate the good ones.
I believe that music is the parallel to dreaming. Where else can we verbalize the nonsense of our thoughts so clearly?
I believe that a long run in the rain is the fastest way to gain perspective. There really isn't time for details when you're soaking wet and out of breath.
Junk food is the key to euphoria. Also to nausea.
I believe a day in the company of people who are truly good, will cause you to spend a little more time in front of the mirror.
Grandparents are human story books. Read them as often as possible, each time you'll find a new detail to admire.
Clean sheets and a rainy Saturday are the cure to any wrong.
I believe that new places, old towns or hidden trails are Fate's way of turning us all into explorers.
In conversation, when all of a sudden you feel that urge to interject with opinion, stop. Resist the urge, and just listen. We don't learn anything from hearing ourselves talk. Just listen.
I believe that parents really do have the toughest job on earth. Especially because it takes us kids so long to realize that.
I believe that the Bible answers all questions. Not the entire Book, just Matthew 19:26
(with God, all things are possible.)
I believe that the smell of coffee far out-ranks the actual taste.
I believe in Frank Sinatra, and that "....the best is yet to come."
I believe in Disney movies.
in heartache.
in what it feels like to truly miss someone.
I believe in those moments, the ones that define us. The ones you replay over and over in your head.
I believe in forgiveness, but not regret.
I believe that garden strawberries in July are God's favorite food too.
I believe that the sound of a baby laughing can turn even the worst of days into better ones.
I believe that dance parties are necessary to daily routine.
I believe that stick figures do count as art.
I believe that love is the gateway to all things. Anything you were ever scared to do alone becomes possible because you have a hand to hold.
I believe in trust, because...
"The truth is, everybody is going to hurt you.
You just gotta find the ones who
are worth suffering for."
-Bob Marley
Most of all, I believe in one love. True love.
Our love.
I believe in all of these as inspiration and guidance.
And I believe in being thankful for it all. Everyday.


  1. I cannot say how much I love this post. there isn't enough room!
    loves you!

    ps - post a comment on mine with your link so everyone else can read it!

  2. Dearest Meg,
    How ever can I thank-you for the fabulous book you sent me in Kateigh's book swap? It took me awhile to find you (as you didn't pass along your blog address with the book :( ) so I hunted you out through comments on the book swap post and, bam, here I am.

    I can't tell you how kind and thoughtful this book is. Something way more special than anything that could have been found at Barnes & Noble. Have you read it yet? I can't wait to start it. Not only does it look old and fabulous, it just sounds like it's going to be a great read.

    I would have wrote you a formal thank-you, but I couldn't find your email (or mailing) address either so I hope this suffices. I apologize for taking so long to get out a thank-you because I truly did love the book, I just couldn't find you.

    Have a fabulous weekend sweetie - and thank-you again a million times over :)