Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my team

So as the days pass, I've been accumulating a list of things that are becoming more and more frustrating without Romeo around.
The list is growing ever so quickly nowadays that I have begun household projects.
So, here goes.
Spaghetti sauce jars. My family witnessed this mayhem live via webcam. Oh, its ugly.
Caly's early morning bathroom trips... It was much easier to roll over and say
"Its your turn, I did it yesterday"
Than it is to have to do it regardless.
Grocery shopping.
When Romeo was around, the house was stocked because God forbid it wasn't...
Now, I'm lucky if there is even bread or milk at all.
And not because I can't go get it or anything, but I can do without...
So why buy it?
I call this the "Deployment Diet Plan"
Taking the trash out.
I don't mean from the kitchen the the outside can.
I mean getting all dressed up for work in the morning, warming up the car
then realizing it is trash day and having to drag the cans
to the end of the driveway in 4-inch stilleto heels.
Warming the car up. Enough said.
Morning breath.
I've got to say, anything is better than Caly's.
Pumping flipping gas.
That was in the marriage contract.
I'm not supposed to be doing things like that.
I'm from Jersey!
Having pretty days.
Now girls, honestly, lets not lie here...
How frustrating is it to be having a really pretty day,
and no one around to notice?
Now I know that a day will come that I will kick myself for saying that this is frustrating,
Without hearing someone screaming at their Xbox, or singing to their rubber duckies in the tub,
the days are far too quiet and un-entertaining.
Where is the fun in driving if you can't argue over the radio station?
By far, the worst everrrrr is at night,
when your feet are cold...
there are no other legs or feet to hide them under to warm them up.
Just cruel.
There is no excuse to eat Fritos and Ranch chip dip at 10 pm.
Please come back soon.
Most of all,
when it has just been one of those days.
or its rainy outside.
or sunny outside.
or for just no reason at all,
when all you want is the biggest hug in the world,
you settle for a pillow.
The list grows daily, but for now, these are the ones that stick out.
Funny how those silly little things become so big when theres no one to share them with.
Just further proves
life is a team sport.

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  1. you are so sweet. and he'll be back soon. hang in there.

    loves you!