Sunday, February 14, 2010

everyone's someone

someone told me that everyone has their someone. just that someone that no matter what, it always leads back to them.
I believe that.
I believe that somewhere on our paths, is that person.
and sometimes, our paths take us away from them,
but no matter what,
when it comes down to it,
its always back to them.
and that is how we know what is meant to be.
sometimes, we're blessed enough to have someones. not necessarily the someone, but just someones. someone to laugh with. someone to call to cry. someone to get all your good jokes from. someone to confide in. someone to share recipes with. someone to find favorite music with. and each one of those someones are a blessing.
so today is love day.
that day to have a special someone.
and of course, thats an amazing experience.
but it is also a day to appreciate all of your other someones too.
so thank them.
and let them know how much they mean to you,
and how much their someone-isms.
love day is a designated 24-hours to be extra-nice and sweet and romantic. and it's refreshing. but at the same time, why do we need an excuse to spread extra love? if we give enough love on a regular basis, why do we need a designated holiday?
separated in love day is not fun,
but at the same time, i'd rather have him be a million miles away
then not have him at all.
today is just another Sunday,
and another day to be thankful for our blessings.
and I am thankful for all of my someones
but especially thankful for my one someone.
even if he is a million miles away.
"Love give me strength, and strength will help me through."
-W. Shakespeare
Romeo & Juliet

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  1. you are so sweet in your words. they give me hope and i hope you read my 'i believe' post today! love you!