Tuesday, February 9, 2010

just enough nonsense finally.

So tonight, amidst my newly-routine nocturnal cleaning, as I reorganized the closet, I found Romeo's wedding band.
Not ouch because he isn't wearing it, or because it's here and he's there, but because I stay up and clean so that I don't lay in bed and think. And now, even while I'm cleaning, I can't avoid thinking because there is a small jewelers box staring at me from across the room.
So now I'm thinking, and as per an earlier conversation with Romeo, I'm thinking about all the coincidences (or God-things) that happen to lead up to a fairy tale. Now, as a newlywed, I know I'm probably extra sappy about these things, but I believe in everyone's Cinderella story. And as I have been abruptly reminded by that little wedding band, I also believe in all of the little meant-to-be's that lead up to our big meant-to-be.
Throughout our lives, people walk in and out. Some linger a little longer, and some may leave deep footprints on our hearts. But each and every one of them are a stone that lines the path to where, or to whom, we're headed. We learn with each interaction, whether friendly or not, that of which details are going to point us in the direction we need to go.
Some people are lucky enough to find their own puzzle-piece from day one. The high-school sweethearts, or the childhood best friends. Those pairings are so rare, but so pure and beautiful. The rest of us need a little more time to find our own Prince (or Princess) in shining armour. And before we get to that point, I think all of us can agree that we need to meet a few frogs first. But as it seems, it's those frogs that force us to learn our own selves. We learn what we're compatible with, or what really makes us happy versus what we thought would make us happy.
Then one day, it just happens. In my case, it was when I least expected it. Romeo came out of nowhere, and just like that, I just knew God made him for me. He was the absolute, and I mean ABSOLUTE opposite of anything I would've guessed I'd be so in love with. He wasn't me in guy-form, like I was used to. He was the puzzle-piece that lifted up my every fault and completed my every dream. He was made for me, and as dramatic and theatrical as it may seem, it was then that I knew I was made for him, too.
Romeo and I are so very blessed, but that's certainly not to say that we haven't worked hard to ensure our relationship endured our trials. Some so petty, as to be just enough nonsense, and some so challenging, like an entire ocean. Nonetheless, God blessed us with the strength to endure it all, and that, is not one of those coincidences. That's part of the meant-to-be. All of those past frogs may have been a glimpse in our lives for a reason, but they also didn't remain in the picture because in the end, it wasn't part of where our coincidences were headed.
Meant-to-be love is like the world. It never stops. It will never halt growth or change. But no matter what, as long as it remains God's will, it will never cease to exist. It's always there, sometimes it just takes a few more God-things to find out exactly where, or who, it may be leading us to.

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