Thursday, September 9, 2010

30-Day ME Challenge

I've come to realize that every once in awhile, when life gets a little too chaotic, I forget to know me. I forget to think about what I feel like, forget to count my blessings, forget to work on my flaws. Every once in awhile, I have to revisit my goals and my dreams, because some days, I forget to think about them. Some days, the business of daily life is too much to include a few selfish daydreams. And that is why, when I stumbled on The Young Retiree's post about a 30-day blog challenge, I was hooked. The challenge encourages all participants to take a few moments, every day, for the next 30-days, to reflect on different facets of themselves, and in conclusion, hopefully learn something new.
So here it is- for the next 30-days, beginning on Friday, September 10th, and concluding on Saturday, October 9th, I'll be following the below posting schedule. I'm making a promise to myself to be completely honest. 100%. I'm making a vow to really reflect on me and my thoughts, without the fear of being judged by readers.
I'm doing this challenge for me.
And you're more than welcome to join me on my adventure!
I hope that this will provoke your thoughts as much as it has mine!
30-Day "ME" Challenge
(Please note that some prompts have been altered from the original)
Day 1-Something you dislike about yourself, or a flaw that you would change.
Day 2-Something that you treasure about yourself, something that makes you unique.
Day 3-Something you've had to forgive yourself for in the past, something you would change.
Day 4-Something you've had to forgive someone else for.
Day 5- A list of things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime.
Day 6- Something you hope to never have to do.
Day 7-Someone who has touched your life.
Day 8-A time when you have made a difference in someone else's life.
Day 9-One moment that you did not want to ever let go.
Day 10-One moment you wish that you could forget.
Day 11-Something people tend to compliment you about.
Day 12- Something you wish you got compliments about.
Day 13-A song that describes you today.
Day 14-A letter to someone who has let you down.
Day 15-List of somethings or someones that you couldn't live without.
Day 16-List of somethings or someones you could definitely live without.
Day 17-A book you've read that changed your perspective or opened your eyes.
Day 18-Your views on a popular news subject.
Day 19-Take a stand on religion. Or politics.
Day 20-Your thoughts on alcohol and drugs.
Day 21-What do you want people to remember about you?
Day 22-Something you wish you hadn't done.
Day 23-Something you wish you had done.
Day 24-Make a playlist to someone special.
Day 25-Map out your one-year-plan. Your five-year-plan. Your 10-year-plan.
Day 26-Write a letter to yourself as a teenager.
Day 27-Write a letter to someone you've lost.
Day 28-Pick someone close to you and tell them all of the reasons you value them.
Day 29- Write about a turning point in your life.
Day 30-Reflect on something you learned about yourself during the 30-Day Challenge.
My mind is already churning with thoughts for all of these posts. I am super excited to get started! I'm hoping that this will help keep my busy for the next 30-days- I need all of the busy-ness that I can get!

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