Monday, April 26, 2010

when teamwork becomes and individual sport

I've learned lately that there is a fine line between being independent and disregarding others. It seems that all too often, what seems as taking initiative in one person's mind comes off as ignorant to others.
oh the learning.
As I'm sure everyone can relate, there are times in life when your "team" may be incapable of "teamwork." Be it distance, preoccupation, lack of interest, or just merely missing the opportunity, there are always going to be times where we are required to do things on our own. Apparently, these situations some times seem to last longer than others.
well hello, deployment.
As a somewhat pride-full and self-proclaimed "independent woman" (nod to Beyonce), I've got to tell you, my independence is on-point. Still, that fine line between being competent and being stubborn is a bit gray. I learned this, and now I'm doing my best to find exactly where the line lies.
After a few combative and somewhat-epic conversations, I've come to the conclusion that when part of a team, it is TRULY important that each member of the team, though an individual, knows that they are important to the overall success of the group. They need to know that regardless of their circumstance, they ARE STILL NEEDED, despite what perhaps some "independents" may think. As part of a team, or in this particular case, a brand new family, both partners need to take into consideration the other's thoughts, ideas, and plans. And even moreso, as an inevitably-forever-kind-of-team, its is important to make sure that all of those elements are in the open, and on the same page.
ahh... learning the hard way.
Throughout this stupid-Haiti time, my independence has risen to an all-time high, and that line... yeah... crossed it far too many times for Romeo to like. I, somewhere along the line, forgot that I was part of a team. I may have even lost sight of being a "we". Well, I'd like to take this time to thank Romeo for reminding me. And for letting me know that, despite my now feeling AWFUL about it, amidst the being strong and occasionally pulling some extra weight (not literally, I promise!!), it is important to remember that there's always going to be another teammate to help you along.
So, from now on, this independent woman will remember that life is a team sport.

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