Sunday, April 25, 2010


There are a million and one moments in life that are little post-it notes. May be an event, wonderful or traumatic. Might be a statement, or an image. Could be a word, a story, a movie, a thought. Either way, these reminders seem to come exactly when we've forgotten about whatever they seem to remind us of. From my particular corner of the big comfy couch, my hypothetical post-it notes seems to have "be thankful" written all over them.
This week especially, the reminders are at every turn.

The week started with a miracle, one I can only attribute to Angels. Two of the most precious of God's gifts were in a terrifying accident. Their vehicle flipped over, and the two sweetest girls in the world walked away, without a scratch.
Reminder #1:
Wake up each morning, and count every blessing.
You never know when they might disappear.
The same day, The Big Guy decided to call one of his own home. I didn't know her personally, but I know that she raised a wonderful, beautiful, amazing daughter. This daughter is amidst (and has been for 2 years) planning her wedding, one fit for the magnificent person that she is.
Reminder #2:
Every person, in life, is there for a reason.
Tell them as often as possible what it means that they're there.
Someday, unexpectedly or not, you may not get another chance.
Romeo and I had a rough week. Eventful, yes, and stressful. Distance alone is tension enough, and when it came to our first true conflict, it only seemed to magnify the issues.
Reminder #3:
Fight fair.
Sticks and stones and blah blah blah,
but words CAN cut like daggers.
Be careful about with what you say, and choose your statements wisely.
Appreciate what the other side of the arguement is, and understand that if it wasn't worth hearing, it wouldn't be an arguement.
Most of all, always respect. There are certain things that cannot be replaced.
The post-it notes always have a way of resurfacing. One way or another, you'll always find it stuck to something else. Often when you least expect it. When you forgot about it. When whatever was written on it has finally slipped your mind. Metaphorically and all.

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