Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It has been quite awhile!

And things are still moving along.

Romeo is still on the crazy island. Hopefully not for too much longer. He keeps dropping hints at dates, and let me tell you, that has become the most irritating thing in the entire world. One day its 2 weeks. Then its a week. Then its 3 weeks. Then its a month. There is a VERY obvious reason that they do not release information to the public until the last minute. I'm slowly driving myself insane trying to get the house ready, but at the same time, not trying to do too much because it may be awhile before he's here. Ughh. The headaches.

I had some of my FAVORITE ladies as houseguests this weekend and it was a BLAST! Sometimes company is exactly what you need to get out of a slump.
There were great times:

There were LOTS of laughs:

Quite a bit of silliness:

Some hard work:

And a wonderful finished product:

Thanks to the love and support of these lovely ladies,
our weekend was more than a success.
It was exactly what I needed to get over the

Sometimes, when things are a bit gray,
all we need is a little sunshine,
or a goofy face from my favorite CalyMonsterFace:

Even though sending Thelma and Louise off on their journey home (complete with a few-hour detour to the airport bar), is bittersweet, it is always worth the time we get to spend together.

Nicole wins the award for most dedicated by driving almost 20 hours (Good Lord!!) round-trip to participate in the weekend.

The valuable lesson I learned this weekend, is no matter how many miles there may be between here and there, if you have friends and family in your life who really love and care, you'll all make it work. And fortunately, it seems to work out just in time.

Love you all!

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