Friday, February 4, 2011


The hardest steps in all of our journeys, are the first.
The first shoelace that's tied.
The first foot in front of the other.
This is a relative concept to most things. Both literally, and figuratively, the first steps are the biggest challenge. The first few words of a blog post, the first moments in the morning when you're deciding to get out of bed. The first attempt to reconcile a damaged relationship. The first Sunday back to Church. So many first steps we take on a daily basis. So many moments that we decide to overcome the challenge, instead of letting it overcome us.
Sometimes, when that challenge seems just a bit too daunting, we stand still. When the turmoil of what is to come seems like it is just too much, we close our eyes, lock our knees, and stand as a statue. It's a valid option to combating obstacles, but by standing still, we make no progress.
I'm making a vow to myself that I'm no longer going to stand on the sidelines. I'm not going to stand by and watch life pass before my eyes because I'm too afraid to take a step. Nope. I'm not just taking steps, I'm taking strides. I'm joining the race and leaving the weight of fear behind.
I challenge you, too. I challenge you to take even just baby steps, or shuffles, in the direction of progress. I challenge you to set your goals, and make them your finish line, not just a distant dream. So many of us treat our goals as dreams, as "someday" kind of thoughts. Goals aren't. Goals are attainable and just waiting for us to reach them.
How can we reach them if we aren't willing to move?


  1. I'm going back to church Sunday too. Where are you going?

  2. We're going to try one of the Non-Denominational services on post. Not sure what time just yet. Are you planning on going back to RF?

  3. Even baby steps are better than standing still. Good for you, whatever goal it is you are setting out to meet.