Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Start

Somewhere in Canada, there is a handsome soldier waiting impatiently for a flight crew so that he can work his way a few hundred miles closer to his home for the next year. He's counting the minutes, since the wait has already been long enough. It's already been nearly a week since our last kiss, what will be our last kiss for at least the next few months. Meanwhile, there's a lonely girl waiting through a hurricane, sitting in her corner of the couch, immersed in a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon.
That's my story. Here I am. We're just beginning the next part of our journey, and so far, it's been off to a rocky start. Romeo has been bumped around from flight to flight, and delayed and rushed and everything in-between. I'm not sure the whole reality of the deployment has set in to me yet, things are still feeling like he's gone away on another TDY. Either way, as always, life goes on.
I have a lot of plans to keep myself busy throughout the next few months. Romeo and I are planning on taking a trip during R&R, so I'm anticipating organizing and looking forward to that. There are also a handful of household projects that I'd like to tackle, so hopefully I can get a kick-start on that as well. For now, I'm just taking it all in and trying to get a firm footing again. It seems pre-deployment life is just so tumultuous, that the calm after the storm is both calming and overwhelming at the same time.
So as the house shakes, and the wind continues to howl throughout the neighborhood, I'm going to hang out in my corner of the couch and hope for a moment to hear Romeo's voice. I'm praying for the safety of all of the East Coasters being effected by hurricane Irene.

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