Sunday, March 13, 2011

The right kind of people

Mil wives, this one is for you.
Recently, I've gotten my first bitter taste of what it is to witness, or for some intensive purposes, play part to some of the unmentionable drama that is stereotypically our lives. During my time here at Fort Bragg, I've been blessed with the opportunity to meet a variety of women from a multitude of backgrounds and lifestyles. What ties us all together is the love for our men and our country, and the struggles that immense love and loyalty brings with it. I never believed that as a the spouse of a man that goes through what he does, that I would have had time to engross myself in petty drama and ridicule, and up to this point I have not. Unfortunately, that is not the case for a few women that share this walk of life.
A point that I must make in order to ensure understanding in this matter, is that I am a very loyal friend. A very loyal, very protective friend. Even more so now than ever, my friends are as close to my family and they can be. They are my sisters and my confidantes, my shoulders to lean on when my husband cannot be within an arm's reach. They are my family away from family and I treat and respect them just as my own. This said, when they are treated poorly by someone else, or disrespected, I am not one to stand by and watch it happen. This is the ambiguous story of the drama. Without going into too much detail, and without disclosing information that is unwarranted, I have learned that to some people, respect and common courtesy are not a high priority. It's a shame to think that even though each one of us are suffering similar struggles, we evidently cannot respect each other enough to be a good friend, rather than a burden.
Since this drama has subsided, I have made a vow to myself and my sisterfriends here, that I will not surround myself with the wrong kind of people. That I myself will work to be the best person and the best friend that I know how to be. That I will never make someone feel the way these awful women have, nor will I stand by and watch it happen. In this life, there is no time to divert our attention with the malicious and evil ways of others, but to merely better the lives and ease the struggles of the ones who care.

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  1. Honestly, some people just have too much time on their hands and thus go around causing drama to pass the hours. It is always best to distance your self from such people, milspouse or otherwise.