Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running into a whole new time-consumer

Well hello!

I know, I know...

it has been forever...

But now I will explain why!!

Ok, so as of late, I have been running, running, running like crazy!! My favorite Miami-ian (J) and I are up to doing 2-a-day workouts and seeing TREMENDOUS progress. Starting cold at the beginning of May, both of us weren't sure we were going to make it to Race Day successfully, but now, J and I are more confident then ever, and heading towards Race Day, one mile at a time!

Now, I must say, I'm not sure either one of us would be this dedicated to our training if we had our lovely Romeo's at home, but since it is just us and our girls:

(They're besties)(And adorable)

... we've been a bit more inclined to do ANYTHING to be out of the house. We're both patiently awaiting a plane from Haiti, and hopefully it will be here soon!! (I'm not sure my patience could withstand yet ANOTHER extension)

So, as our countdown to Race Day gets shorter and shorter, the runs get longer and longer, and I must say, it feels great to be so close to our goal. I also know that if it hadn't been for mutual motivation (Thank you so much, J!!) I couldn't have come nearly as far as I have. Having a running partner is not only a huge benefit safety-wise, but it also keeps your mind moving as quickly as your feet, and the conversations DEFINITELY help the long-runs go by. As for the other benefits of running, not only am I sleeping better at night, curbing my appetite, hydrating appropriately, and feeling stronger, watching the inches dwindle right down to bikini-size is wonderful. So, between now and Race Day, I am hoping to maintain, if not exceed my motivation, and hopefully be more than successful on June 11th.

Other than that, all is well. We are not-so-patiently awaiting a homecoming from Haiti. Hopefully (fingers-crossed) we'll be celebrating come June 1st. We shall see..... But between now and then, I'll be a busy girl.

And I'm SUPER thankful for that.

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